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William Cobbett Primary School

Children's Health

Medicines and Health Information

In most cases children should not return to school after an illness until the need for medicine is over. However, your own doctor is the person best able to judge this. In certain cases we can help by administering doses of prescribed medicine during the day. In such cases parents should:

(i) Bring the prescribed medicine in the original container dispensed from the chemist into school and give it to the School Assistant.

Children should not bring medicines in to school themselves. Parents must come in and:

(ii) Fill in and sign the necessary permission form, which is attached below. This can also be obtained from the school office.

Children must be clear of any symptoms of sickness or diarrhoea for 48 hours before returning to school.

Asthma - Click here for Asthma UK advice about asthma and school.

Medicines in School Form