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William Cobbett Primary School

Woodlands High Coin Centre

The Woodland Centre

The Woodland Centre is a Communication and Interaction Centre (HIGH COIN) at William Cobbett Primary School that caters for children on the Autistic Spectrum with communication and interaction difficulties. Children are allocated a space in the Centre through the Surrey County Council panel process.

We have spaces for 30 children with varying communication and interaction needs which cover speech, language and communication, social, emotional and additional learning needs.  The Centre consists of three classes: one mixed Early Years and Key Stage 1 class and two Key Stage 2 classes. Our admission number is two per year group at EYFS/KS1 and six per year group at KS2. 

We aim to provide a safe and engaging learning space and differentiated curriculum for those children that find it more challenging to access large group teaching.

Successful inclusion is a key aim and this takes different forms depending on the needs of the children. 

We aim to:

  • Enable the children to access a mainstream classroom, wherever possible
  • Provide a child-centred curriculum, embedding each child's EHCP targets throughout based on their social, emotional, cognition and learning, sensory and physical, communication and language needs
  • Support each child to develop their communication skills
  • Support our pupils with the social skills needed for making friends
  • Develop independent learners
  • Help the children become active and valued members of the school community
  • Help the pupils to exceed expectations and meet their full potential
  • Support all pupils in partnership with parents and carers

For more information about The Woodland Centre please contact:

Miss Charley Angell:
01252 312772