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William Cobbett Primary School

Pupil Results

There is no performance data for 2020 or 2021 as all statutory assessments were cancelled due to Covid-19.

The statutory assessments were reintroduced in 2022 but data will not be published.

Click below to view the end of key stage data for 2019 and previous years.

Additional information:

Pupils in our attached Special Needs Support Centre (SNSC), known as the Woodland Centre, are frequently working significantly below age expectation. They often do not sit the national curriculum end of key stage tests as they are working below the level of the test. This should be taken into account when viewing the school's performance data. The number of children who are in each year group in the SNSC fluctuates by cohort. 

In school we track and analyse pupil performance data for all pupils, both mainstream and in the SNSC. When analysing data and setting targets, we create two separate sets of data, one set including all the pupils in the age group and another including only the pupils who are in the mainstream classes. This enables the performance data to be compared more accurately to other schools which do not have attached centres. The files below include the end of key stage data in both forms.

DfE School performance tables can be found here: