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William Cobbett Primary School

Religious Education

Religious Education is non-denominational and is based on the County Agreed Syllabus.

Children are taught to  understand and respect the traditions of Christianity.  They will also develop a knowledge of the main beliefs and traditions of Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and Hinduism.  They are encouraged to develop an understanding of the effect of religion on personal and social relationships and on peoples' ways of life.  The children also develop an ability to reflect on their own experiences and beliefs.  We aim to make lessons interesting, colourful and varied to engage all children and include drama, dance, art, design and cooking as ways to express religious knowledge and personal impressions.

Visits by local religious community groups are encouraged. We organise visits to school by a local Christian inter-church project named Signposts which seeks to work in partnership between the schools and churches of Farnham. We believe that these visits foster respect for religions and enable the children to gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum taught.

Daily assemblies are led by members of staff, groups of children and sometimes visitors, including members of the religious communities.  On the occasions when individual classes present their own assembly, parents are invited to join us such as our Harvest Assembly by Year 4 or Remembrance Assembly by Year 6.

Parents may exercise their legal rights to ask that their child is withdrawn for Religious Education lessons and/or assemblies. Please make an appointment with the headteacher if this is the case.

Surrey Schools Agreed Syllabus