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William Cobbett Primary School

Our Staff Team


Senior Leadership Team

Mr Andrew Stear


Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Miss Gillian Payne

Deputy Headteacher

Assessment leader, EYFS & KS1 phase leader, Deputy DSL

Mrs Emma Stevenson 

Assistant Headteacher

Teaching and Learning, Designated Teacher for children who are looked after, Deputy DSL

Miss Lauren Weatherley    

Mr Matthew Clark 

maternity cover

Assistant Headteacher 

Inclusion (SENDCo), Deputy DSL

Mrs Sarah Barnett

School Business Manager

 Teaching Staff



Additional Responsibilities

Hedgehog (YR)

Miss M. Jackson currently covered by Mrs C Havill (M, F) and Mrs Q Ahmad (Tu, W, Th)  

Badger (Y1)

Mrs J. Wood (M, Tu, W)

Mrs A. Marsden (Th, F)

Rabbit (Y2)

Mrs S Beard (M)

Mrs T. Cooper (Tu, W, Th, F)

Swift (Y3)

Mrs E. Jenkins (M, Tu)

Mrs L. Cassidy (W, Th, F)

Woodpecker (Y3)

Mrs R. Winkworth (M, Tu, W, Th)

Supply teacher (F)

Robin (Y3)

Miss J. Wall

Swan (Y4) Mr D. Wicksey  
Kingfisher (Y4)

Mrs L Cassidy (M)

Mrs T. Lubbe (Tu, W, Th, F)

Heron (Y4) Mrs A. Smith Lower KS2 Phase Leader
Goldfinch (Y5) Miss J. Lavrich Upper KS2 Phase Leader
Bullfinch (Y5)

Mrs V. Baker (M, Tu, W am)

Miss C. Tilley (W pm, Th, F)

Chaffinch (Y5) Mrs N. Pountney  
Eagle (Y6) Miss T. West  
Owl (Y6) Mr G. Lucas  
Kestrel (Y6) Miss V. Vicary  
Fox (Woodland YR, Y1, Y2)

Mrs L. Phillips (M, Tu, W)

Mrs D. Lowery (Th, F)

Kite (Woodland Y3, Y4)

Miss C. Angell

Head of Woodland Centre (High COIN)
Buzzard  (Woodland Y5, Y6)

Miss L. Bartlett

SCITT trainee

Miss A. Chaplin

Non Class Based Teaching Staff 

Mrs R. Cuss  PPA teacher and supply cover
Mrs V. Haynes French teacher KS2
Mrs S. Knight Maternity leave
Miss G. Brown Maternity leave
Mrs L. Campbell Maternity leave

Teaching Assistants

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Miss C. Darch (Woodland)

Mrs C. Kemp

Mrs R. Macallan

Mrs S. Mayhew

Miss F. Soane

Mrs S. Wilkinson

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs R. Aldred

Mrs M. Bull

Mrs Y. Cocker

Mrs K Cotton

Mrs S. Dacombe

Mrs S. Froud

Miss L. Gordon

Miss H. Hall

Mrs J. Hart-Dyke

Mr C. Hatchley

Mrs D. Higgins

Mrs V. McCabe

Mrs N. Nicoll

Mrs C. Parker

Miss K. Phipps

Mrs H. Roberts

Mrs C. Stacey

Mrs D. Stone

Miss K Sweetman-Wilkinson

Mrs S. Thorby

Miss A. West

Miss E. Taylor (maternity)

Woodland (High COIN Centre)

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs K. Bell

Mrs E. Casey

Ms Y. Chan

Miss B. Crumplin

Mr S. Liddle

Miss R. Moore

Miss Y. Waldron


Forest School Assistant

Mrs K. Hawkett


Admin Team

Mrs A. Stickland Receptionist Infant Site
Mrs J. Dunningham Receptionist & Admissions Officer Junior Site
Ms S. Talbot-Kennedy Finance Assistant & Attendance Assistant, Allsorts Administrator
Mrs L. Bond HR Assistant/Office Administrator
Mrs S. Downes Welfare Assistant & Woodland Centre Administrator 
Mr B. Snedden IT Technician
Mrs C. Finch-Stanford Librarian
Mrs A. Jones Assistant SENDCo

Caretaking Team

Mr D. Armstrong Premises Manager
Mrs S. Ayranci Caretaker

Home School Link Worker

Mrs S. Marsh (Deputy DSL)

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)

Mrs J. Pullen

Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs S. Ayranci (Senior supervisor)

Mrs K. Hawkett

Mrs L. Rogers


Mrs S. Beecher

Mrs H. Bowles

Ms O Anisenko

Teaching Assistants also do lunchtime supervision.

Catering Team

Twelve15 staff

Dionne Burke

Claire Mayhew

Athaka Rahman

Joanne Stillwell

Alinda Warner

ALLSORTS Breakfast Club and After School Care

Mrs Foziya Shaikh (Manager) Mr S. Liddle
Mrs Sonia Beecher (Deputy Manager) Miss K. Mulholland
Mrs H. Bowles Mrs S. Mulholland
Ms K. Hawkett Mrs L. Rogers
Several Teaching Assistants also work in Allsorts.