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William Cobbett Primary School


Geography has an important role to play in helping children develop an understanding of places, the human and physical processes which shape them, and the ways of life and cultures of people who live in them.

Skills developed through Geography help pupils to make sense of their surroundings and the wider world.

We provide a broad Geography curriculum which aims to stimulate children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder about the world they live in. Geography is sometimes taught as a subject in its own right or as part of a cross-curricular project. Lessons are often based around an enquiry question with an emphasis on developing children’s geographical skills and interest in the world.

Fieldwork is an important aspect of Geography throughout the school and therefore we make good use of our school grounds, the local area, Swanage and the Isle of Wight We compare our locality with other places in the UK, different parts of Europe and more distant countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Canada. 

In all year groups there are opportunities to go on day trips, progressing to residential visits in Years 4 and 6. A wide variety of resources, such as paper and digital maps, photographs, globes, atlases, CD ROMS, newspapers, books and films, are used to engage children and support their growing geographical understanding.