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William Cobbett Primary School


Art and Design at William Cobbett offers each child the opportunity to meet challenge and find enjoyment.

We aim to develop the creative, technical and critical skills involved in the art process. Children are encouraged to respond to memory and imagination and to develop observational skills. Children improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing, painting and sculpture, through the exploration of a range of materials, tools and processes. Pupils use sketchbooks to experiment, record techniques and ideas and are encouraged to refer back to these regularly. Pupils investigate the use of line, form, colour, space, texture and pattern in order to interpret the work of artists, architects and designers in history and to develop their own skills. They are encouraged to take pride in their work and to appreciate the work of others.

Displaying children’s work is an important feature of our school. The displays help to create a lively and stimulating environment in which to work. The children also have a medium for the expression of their ideas and a definite audience. The importance of work of quality and effort can be appreciated by everyone.

The school liaises with local artists who are invited into school to share their skills directly with the children. We undertake art projects whenever possible to enhance and enrich the provision of arts throughout the school. In recent years we have organised an art gallery of children’s work and produced a number of whole school projects which can be seen on display around the school. An example of this is the mosaics in the Year 6 corridor.

When possible, we participate in local exhibitions of children’s work, such as the Art Exhibition at the Hale Carnival and the biennial exhibition of Farnham Schools’ art work, held by Farnham decorative and Fine Arts Society. We have also displayed work in the waiting room of Farnham train station.