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William Cobbett Primary School


We attach great importance to the teaching and learning of Science at William Cobbett as it offers the opportunity to help children discover our amazing world and to develop their sense of awe and wonder.

The children are encouraged to think for themselves and ask questions that challenge and develop their scientific understanding.

We strongly believe that it is through scientific investigations and first-hand experience that the children become enthusiastic about science and learn the skills necessary to become scientists.

There are ten principles by which Science is taught throughout our school:

  • It is hands on and practical.
  • It links to the real world.
  • There is a range of resources.
  • We are learning new things.
  • We work in a variety of different groups.
  • We are encouraged to challenge concepts.
  • We can suggest investigations related to our learning.
  • There is variety in the way we record our findings.
  • We are curious and ask questions.
  • We are interested, enthusiastic and motivated

We have been awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark Gold award for the work we do in this area.