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William Cobbett Primary School

Y3 Reading Challenge

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Year 3 Reading Challenge. This has been developed to inspire a life-long love of reading!  It will run alongside the children’s current reading scheme rather than replace it.  The children will have a term to complete the challenge and you will find a copy of the checklist at the front of their Reading Record Book. The challenge will run in both the Spring and Summer terms with different checklists.

On the checklist, you will find a selection of authors and books relevant to your child.  There are 3 different checklists to cater for different reading abilities. When the checklist states to read a book from a specific list this can be found displayed in the classroom, school library and on the Year 3 area of the school’s website. When they have read a book, they need to bring this along with their Reading Record to get it signed off by a member of staff.  If your child completes 4 books, they will gain a Bronze certificate, 8 books will award them a Silver certificate and to achieve the Gold certificate they must successfully read 12 books from their checklist.  The children’s certificates will be presented to them at the end of the Spring Term.

We have ensured that we have a good selection of these books in our school library; however, we also welcome children to source their books from their local library, friends and relatives. The children will have additional opportunities to access the school library everyday between 3.00-3.15pm to change their books. Please remind your child to get their book signed off on their checklist by a member of the Year 3 team before they attempt to change it.

We look forward to a term of avid reading and we can’t wait to hear about their favourite reads!