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William Cobbett Primary School

Writers' Workshop

Poems created during a workshop for year 3 and 4 able writers.


Guilt is like a sly fox getting into mischief,

Guilt tastes like a sour lime being forced down your throat,

Guilt sounds like a scream and a crack in your mind.

Guilt feels like it’s the end of the world,

Guilt smells like sweat that’s dissolving you,

Guilt makes you wish that you never existed.

You can never look at anyone when your guilty ……

….. It’s like your all alone

Guilt is life.



Fear looks like something strange coming closer and closer to me.

Fear smells like suffocating smoke.

Fear tastes like a frozen icicle.

Fear is the time when you hear your heart pounding from ear to ear.

Fear is when you try to hide and runaway.

Fear feels like you’re frozen and you can’t speak.

Fear is when your bones start to shake and a shiver runs up your back.

Fear is terrifying.

By Sorel


Fear is like someone spying on you.

Fear tastes like a frozen lake.

Fear smells like suffering smoke.

Fear is someone crawling closer and closer.

Fear sounds like a sly tiger creeping.

Fear is feeling like your about to faint.

Fear makes you take a step back.

Fear is a time when your heart starts to echo.

Fear is not funny.

Fear is a time to run away and hide.

Fear is a time when things get real.

Fear is terrifying.



Guilt tastes like a bitter grape fruit
Guilt smells like sweat from an unwashed body
Guilt looks like a huge wave crashing against the shore
Guilt is it’s own small world
Guilt sounds like the crack of a frozen pond
Guilt avoids all the stares it can
Guilt is a time to hide your emotions
Guilt is a place to run away from
Guilt is hell in it’s horrible way


Shy is when you’re afraid to speak

Shy is wishing you weren’t really there

Shy is forcing you to wish you didn’t exist

Shy can’t let you look people in the eye

Shy pulls your finger into your mouth

Shy is making you that you really want your mum

Shy wants you to be alone

Shy pushes your head down

Shy tastes like a dull peach with no flavour

Shy DOESN’T want anybody to notice you.

By Yasmine