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William Cobbett Primary School

Supporting Maths at home

As parents and carers you play a vital role in supporting your child's development of mathematical skills and understanding.

Workshops for parents and children to attend together will be run in the Spring term. These workshops are usually well attended and enjoyed by children and parents. We hope that you will be able to come and find them useful. A booklet outlining the progression in written calculation methods used at school is given out at these meetings. Use the link for 'information booklets' to the left to find a copy. (This is in PDF format. If you would prefer a paper copy please let Miss Payne know).

We have Maths games available for home use in the school library. Children are able to borrow on of these instead of one of their two book allocations. The games cover a wide range of mathematics skills and a list of the game themes can be found by using the link to the left. We hope that you will enjoy playing them with your children. Please look after the game and check that all pieces are in the pack before returning it so that the next child to borrow it is not disappointed.

Finding opportunities for your child to practise and apply number facts in a variety of practical ways at home and also when out and about would be very beneficial. For example, when shopping, measuring and cooking.

For those of you looking for online learning opportunities, there are a number of Maths games linked from the Learning Zone of this website.

Most importantly, have fun with Maths!