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William Cobbett Primary School

Sophie Pritchard's story

Sophie entered the BBC radio 2 competition to write a story using only 500 words. There were over 90,000 entries and she made it to the last 3000 stories! This is a huge achievement and we congratulate her. Here is her story for you all to read.

Sleep Tight


By Sophie Pritchard




My sister and I are tucked up in her bed, beside the radiator and I don’t want to get out. My sister gives great cuddles and her legs wrap around my waist as she says “Sophie, don’t go, pleeeease?

Mummy comes in, “ok girls, time for bed now”

“Humph” we sighed.


I force myself out, run quickly to my room, jump into bed and cuddle Big Bear. I pull my knees up to my chest and squeeeezze. Mummy tucks me in, sings a song, kisses my forehead and says “Sleep Tight”.


My mind drifts and switches off....



I walk to school through a secret passageway. It’s gloomy and I can barely squeeze through the bushes. My cardigan catches on a branch and it tugs. I push on through and hear a tear, but don’t dare look back.


I can hear the busy playground. Skipping ropes whooping, footballs being kicked. I look at my watch – 10seconds until the bell rings. My heart is crashing like symbols as I reach the rusty school gate.

I made it!!!


I line up standing in front of Finlay and notice that his heart is hanging around his neck like a necklace. A fish swims around as if the heart is its fish bowl!

I peek out from the line and spot my best friend Daisy. She’s wearing a crown today on her lovely silky hair with red highlights running through it. Her laugh echoes through the long line, just hearing it makes me smile.

I turn and see Chester entertaining his fans.


The whistle blows.




Miss Lunt leads our class inside.

“What’s different” I think. I look up at her head...... Oh, Miss Lunt, her pencils are blunt!

They stick out of her head like a TV Ariel. She sits casually at the desk, leaning over the bin sharpening her pencils.

Tom is tidying the cloakroom, just for fun.

Tyler is sorting the pencil pot, because he can.

John takes down the chairs with minimal fuss.

Miss Lunt (her pencils no longer blunt) starts the register.

“Drama Queen Daisy?”


“Mr Chatterbox Chester?”


“Fish Heart Finlay?”


“The Three Musketeers?”


The class supplies a drum roll..

Tom, Tyler and John lift a ruler each, reach them into the air and announce,

“One for all and all for one”

The class cheers and claps, hearts are pounding with joy. The happy noise is unforgettable..........


It turns black.

My palms are sweaty.

I force my eyes open, here I am in bed.



My diary is open and I read it. It’s just like my dream.

Shaking my head I get ready for school. I smell like fresh mint as I brush my teeth.

Walking to school feels familiar but it’s not my usual route. My tummy bubbles like a witch’s cauldron. There’s a flicker ahead, like a torn flag swinging in the wind. I reach out for it.

It’s no flag.

I match it to my uniform like a puzzle – It’s Mine!!!