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William Cobbett Primary School

PE Curriculum

Outdoor P.E lessons

Our games lessons ensure that children are engaging in active movement that raises the heart rate and improves oxygen consumption by the body. The children are taught to communicate, co-operate, collaborate and compete within lessons. They are encouraged to try to reach their full potential by achieving their personal best in sporting activities.

Invasion Games and striking and fielding

Our children are taught to demonstrate accurate throwing and catching techniques, ball control, participate in team games and practice attacking and defending skills. They are taught to apply the basic principles for attacking and defending in a wider variety of games. Children are able to demonstrate these skills in mini- games and tournaments within and across classes and year groups.

Net/wall games

Children are taught the technique, tactics and skills for playing the game of tennis or badminton. Each lesson consists of warm ups and fundamental movement skills. The children are given additional exercises for more advanced players which then can lead into a game situation.


The children are taught to master the basic movements of running, jumping, throwing and catching and to use them in isolation and in combination. They are also taught how to run in a circuit team relay and to pass a baton.


Children in all year groups have the opportunity to partake in adventurous problem solving activities in their P.E lessons. They are taught to use map skills to find different locations on the school grounds. Year 4 and year 6 have the opportunity to go offsite to develop these skills.

Indoor P.E lessons


In gymnastics our children are taught to master basic movement, develop flexibility, control, balance, agility, strength, technique and co-ordination.  They evaluate their own and other children’s performances and demonstrate improvement to achieve personal best.


 In dance the children are taught to master basic movement, develop flexibility, control, balance, agility, strength, technique and co-ordination. They are taught to perform dances using wide range of movement patterns and techniques ranging from Indian dancing to learning and composing their own movements to the Haka.


 Y3 have swimming lessons in the summer term. Those children unable to swim 25 metres or who lack water confidence continue to receive swimming lessons throughout year 4.

Talented swimmers in years 3-6 have the opportunity to participate in the Farnham and Ash Schools Association Swimming Gala in the spring term.

Additional sporting events within curriculum time

Sports specialist activity days

Children in years 3, 4 and 5 have benefited from specialised coaching days to encourage them to try new sports. These sports have included archery, dodge ball and handball. Due to the amount of interest in dodge ball and archery, we now have initiated extra-curricular clubs in these areas.

Sport Relief

Sports leaders from years 5 and 6 organised and ran a multi- skills sport event for the children in the lower school. They devised a number of activities aimed to develop children’s skills and fitness levels.

Secondary School sports leaders

We have an excellent link with a local secondary school. Their year 9 students organise and run an activity morning for our children. This contributes towards their young leader’s award.

Sports day

This event will be held in the summer term. There will be competitive races that parents and governors are invited to watch.

Year 2/3 sports afternoon

This event will be held in the summer term. This event will be organised and run by our sports leaders to provide an enjoyable afternoon of sport. This is part of our transition programme for the children who will be starting year 3 in September.

Intra-school sports

Children play competitive tournaments throughout the year both within their own year group and with other year groups across the school.