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William Cobbett Primary School

Hooke Court


Each April Year 3 have the exciting opportunity to go on a residential visit for 3 days (2 nights) to Hooke Court Residential Centre near Beaminster in Dorset, accompanied by staff from school.

All the activities are based around the theme of Romans in Britain and the visit makes an ideal introduction to our History learning in the summer term. 

Alongside the learning benefits of the various hands on activities, the children also benefit a great deal from the social side of a residential visit. They enjoy the responsibility and independence of being away from home with their friends.



Morning: Travel to Dorchester, Lunch

Afternoon: Dorchester Roman Town House, Maiden Castle, Travel to Hooke Court, unpack and settle in

Evening: Life of a Roman soldier


Morning: Cook a Roman feast, jewellery making, weaving.

Afternoon: Make clay pots, Roman writing, learn to be a Roman soldier

Evening: Mosaic making


Morning: Aqueducts and Onegars

Afternoon: Time to go home!

For children who do not wish to go on the residential visit, a Year 3 teacher stays back at school and runs an enjoyable programme of activities which mirrors the ones at Hooke Court as much as possible. They visit Butser Ancient Farm for a day to learn about life in Britain before the Romans arrived.