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William Cobbett Primary School


 Year 3 Homework Schedule

1. Reading on a daily basis for 5-10 minutes is a vital part of homework in Year 3. As well as listening to your child read, please ask your child 2/3 questions about the text they are reading (see guidance in the reading record book).

Please record comments in your child’s reading record book as it is a useful means of communication between home and school.

We will expect to see written comments from home before your child changes their book.

2. Spellings homework will be set once a week on a Monday. This should be returned on a Friday. We expect the children to spend 5 minutes per day on this task. It may be a written activity to practise a spelling rule or words to learn. There will not be a weekly spelling test however there will be in class challenges involving these words and rules. Spellings will be set via Seesaw.

The high frequency words and the Year 3 spelling words will be tested at several points during the year. You can find these in the centre of the reading record book.

The children may find it helpful to practise their spelling words using a look, cover, write and check strategy. You may also find other methods work well with your child such as spelling the word out loud, highlighting the tricky bits or tracing the word shape several times before writing.

3. Maths homework will be set once a fortnight on a Thursday. This will be set via Seesaw. We expect the children to spend 30 minutes on this task. It may be a written task or a more practical activity such as looking for things, playing a game or learning number facts such as tables. Homework should be completed by the following Tuesday. Year 3 also have a Maths Bag of resources to keep at home for the year so please try to make as much use of this as you can, including frequent practice of number facts. Ideas for this will be included in homework tasks.

4. English or Topic homework will be given once a fortnight on a Thursday (on alternate weeks to Maths). This should be completed by the following Tuesday. It should take about 30 minutes to complete. An explanation of the task will be stuck in your child’s red homework book. Again this will be set on Seesaw.

Cornerstone’s Topic Tasks

The children will receive a selection of additional tasks at the beginning of every half term based on the topic that we will be studying. They will need to choose a task from the given list and complete it throughout the half term. The Cornerstones topic homework can be 3D models, videos, songs - be creative! This can be brought in to share or uploaded via Seesaw.


If your child has difficulty with any homework task please do not hesitate to ask their teacher for advice or use this book to communicate any problems. There is no need for your child to spend more than the recommended time on a task. If they have not finished within the time, you may feel it appropriate to stop them and write a note to their teacher.

We thank you for your support with your child’s homework.