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William Cobbett Primary School


 Year 5 Homework Schedule 

The following is a guide to Year 5 homework. We appreciate all the support you can give to your child with their homework. Homework will be set on Seesaw; your child can continue to use the updated login provided in July. Please contact the class teacher if you have any questions or your child is unable to complete their homework.


Spelling homework will be set  on Monday and will be collected in on Friday. Practising spellings or rules is most effective if done for 5/10 minutes a day.


We send home English and Maths on alternate weeks. Maths homework is the computer based ‘MyMaths’ or 'Purple Mash'. We give the children until the following Tuesday to complete their English and Maths homework. 

Cornerstone tasks

Each half term, we will give children ideas for some tasks based on our cornerstones project. The idea of these tasks is to give children a longer amount of time to work on a project of their choice. Your child can choose how to organise their time on these projects.

Reading a little each day and continued practice of number and multiplication facts is also part of Year 5 homework.