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William Cobbett Primary School


                                                                                               Year 4 Homework Schedule


We hope the following information will help guide you through the homework schedule in Year 4!


Your child should read for approximately 10 minutes a day.  As well as listening to your child read, please ask your child 2/3 questions about the text they are reading.

Please record comments in your child’s reading record book as it is a useful means of communication between home and school.


On Monday the children will be given spelling homework on Seesaw.  Each week they will be given a list of words either from the Year 3/4 National Curriculum list or related to a spelling convention they have learnt recently. They will choose from a range of strategies to help them learn these words. Information outlining each of these strategies can be found also on Seesaw. We recommend that your child spends about 5 minutes every day practising these words.

Maths and English/Topic

English or Topic homework will be given out fortnightly on a Thursday (on alternate weeks to Maths) and should be completed by the following Tuesday. It should take your child about 30 - 40 minutes to complete unless otherwise stated. An explanation of the task will be posted onto Seesaw.


Each Half term your child will receive a list of projects related to the current Cornerstones topic. They should choose one and hand it in by the date indicated.


Children are given several days to complete homework tasks in recognition that other outside school activities play important parts in their lives. If your child has difficulty with any homework task, please do not hesitate to ask their teacher for advice or use their homework diary or Seesaw to communicate any problems. 

If your child is particularly enjoying the task and wishes to spend more time on it, we would, of course, be delighted with any additional personal research they feel stimulated to undertake.



At a Glance:

* Reading every night for 10 minutes

Spellings activity given on Monday every night learnt for Friday 

Maths or English/Topic task given out on a Thursday and returned on following Tuesday (alternated so that they have a maths task one week and an English or topic task the next)

Half termly Cornerstones project.