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William Cobbett Primary School


History is exciting and stimulating in our school as we use a variety of sources and approaches in our teaching. We have a great emphasis on learning through first hand experiences such as drama workshops and day trips to historical sites and museums. Throughout the year we plan exciting opportunities to visit places such as Butser Ancient Farm, Hampton Court and Farnham Museum.

We also have excellent links with the elderly members of our community who participate enthusiastically in our World War II day with the Year 6 children. Our visitors are able to discuss and explain their own first hand experiences of life during the War. As well as this, we have a wide variety of secondary sources for the children to access including books, photographs, DVDs and artefacts which are used to develop concepts, skills and attitudes.

In Early Years we look at our family stories and sequencing events. In KS1 we focus on developing historical understanding through looking at key figures from the past and how their contributions affect our modern day life. In KS2 we study a wide range of topics such as the Stone Age, Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and the Mayans, linking and comparing them to our current world.