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William Cobbett Primary School

Greek Day

One of the history topics we study in Year 5 is 'The Ancient Greeks'. We learn about their significance in the world we live today and about the daily lives and beliefs of this ancient civilisation. Each year we hold a 'Greek Day' where the children take part in a drama workshop run by a theatre group. The children become Athenians and make decisions democratically about how they will react to different issues which arise in their village.  They take part in the Battle of Marathon and Battle of Salamis but thankfully all of them survive to tell the tale! Children dress up in typical Greek clothing of the time and always enter into the spirit of the occasion with great enthusiasm.

During the remainder of the Greek Day other activities take place in the classroom including tasting typical Greek foods.

A fun day is always had by all and we learn even more about the Ancient Greeks as a result of it.