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William Cobbett Primary School

Curriculum Map 2018-19




1: Claws, Paws and Whiskers

2: Memory Box



1: Bright Lights, Big City

2: Wriggle and Crawl



1: Scented Garden

2: Street Detectives


1: Animals (including humans); Working scientifically

2: Animals, including humans – parts and senses; Working scientifically

1: Everyday materials; Working scientifically

2: Living things and their habitats; Animals, including humans; Working scientifically

1: Plants

2: Identifying and comparing everyday materials; Identifying plants in the local area


1: Exploring Purple Mash

2: Lego Builders, Grouping and Sorting

1: Effective Searching, Creating Pictures, Online Safety

2: Spreadsheets, Creating Pictures

1: Coding

2: Coding, Technology Outside School



1: Using and making maps; Describing physical features

2: Fieldwork in the local area




1: Understanding where food comes from; Design and make souvenirs; Models of London landmarks Countries and capital cities of the UK (London focus); Using locational language; Using maps; Geographical similarities

2: Fieldwork

1: Plants in the local environment; Plants of the world

2: Fieldwork in the local area; Human and physical features; Using and making maps with keys; Looking at aerial images


2: Changes within living memory

1: The Great Fire of London

2: Changes within living memory; Significant people, places and events in local area


SEAL: New Beginnings 

              Getting On and Falling                    Out (includes anti-                              bullying week)

Drug education – medicines and safety rules 

Hazards in the home: fire safety

What to do in an emergency 




SEAL : Going for Goals 

               Good To Be Me 

Staying healthy  

Food from around the world







SEAL: Relationships 



Understanding the human life cycle and keeping clean: general hygiene 

Yr 1 only: Pedals – road safety.  Recap road safety for Year 2

Voting and debating – having a say 

Charity – fund raising  




1: Talking about art; Drawing; Collage; Model making; Painting; Sculpture; Animal masks and products

2: Drawing and painting; Collage; Family portraits





2: Observational drawing; Model making


1: Observational drawing; Sculpture; Flower-pressing

2: Famous local artists; Drawing, painting or collaging views from the local area


1: Designing labels; Designing and making animal enclosures

2: Celebration cards; Making a memory box

1: Exploring mechanisms; Constructing moving models; Understanding where food comes from; Design and make souvenirs; Models of London landmarks

2: Origins of food; Selecting natural materials

1: Making fragrant products

2: Selecting tools and materials; Baking; Sign making; Designing buildings

Indoor PE


Dance: nocturnal animals; exporing



Invasion games: football, dodgeball

Net/wall games: throwing catching, tennis

Invasion games: rugby


Striking & fielding: multisports


Pulse and rhythm


'I want to play in a band'

'Hands, feet, heart'

'Round and round'

'In the groove'


Who is Jesus?

Why did Jesus tell parables?

What does the Christmas story tell Christians about Jesus? 

What do Christians believe God is like?

What is the Torah and why is it important to the Jews?

Why is Easter important to Christians?


Why should we look after our world?

Is the world a fair place?

What is important for Muslim families?