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William Cobbett Primary School

Curriculum Map 2019-20




1: The Enchanted Woodland

2: Moon Zoom!



1: Dinosaur Planet

2: Land Ahoy!



1: Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

2: Beachcombers


1: Plants; living things and their habitats; identifying and classifying

2: Properties of everyday materials; Working scientifically

1: Plants and animals

2: Everyday materials; Working scientifically

1: Living things and their habitats; Use of everyday materials; Working scientifically

2: Habitats; Living and non-living things; Food chains; Basic needs of animals; Working scientifically


1: Exploring Purple Mash

2: Pictograms, Questioning

1: Animated storybooks

2: Making Music;  Online safety

1: Maze explorers; Presenting ideas

2: Spreadsheets



1: Making maps

2: Satellite images


1: Locating continents and oceans

2: Using and making maps; location knowledge; using and giving directions

1: Amazing structures around the world; Towers and bridges locally

2: Coastal features


2: Significant people - astronauts; Changes within living memory

1: Events beyond living memory; Significant people - Mary Anning

2: Significant people - Captain James Cook, Grace Darling, famous pirates

1: Castles and castle life; Significant people - Isambard Kingdom Brunel


SEAL: New Beginnings 

              Getting On and Falling                    Out (includes anti-                              bullying week)

Drug education – medicines and household substances

What to do in an emergency 

Hazards in the home: fire safety

SEAL : Going for Goals 

               Good To Be Me 

Yr 1 only: Pedals – road safety.  Recap road safety for Year 2

SEAL: Relationships 


Recognising and naming body parts

Keeping clean

Teeth hygiene


1: Working with natural materials, drawing and painting

2: 3D - Models of the solar system

1. Large and small scale models

2: Observational drawing; Printing

1: Sculpture

2: 3-D sculptures; Sand art; Seascapes


1: Building structures - habitat, fairy garden

2: Designing and making a space-themed vehicle

1: Designing and making

2: Mechanisms; Structures

1: Making models of towers, bridges and tunnels

Indoor PE





Invasion games

Net/wall games

Invasion games


Striking & fielding



1: Rhythm In The Way We Walk and The Banana Rap

2: Ho Ho Ho

1:  Round and Round

2: Zootime

1: Friendship Song

2: Reflect, Rewind and Replay


Why is the Bible an important book for Christians?

Why is ‘Church’ important to Christians?

Why is Christmas important to Christians? 

Why do Jewish families celebrate Shabbat? 

Why do Christians call Jesus ‘Saviour’? 

What do eggs have to do with Easter? 

Is Prayer important to everyone?

What are your big questions?

Who is Allah and how do Muslims worship him?