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William Cobbett Primary School

Curriculum Map




1: Paws, Claws and Whiskers

2: Memory Box



1: Moon Zoom!

2: Dinosaur Planet 



1: Bright Lights, Big City

2: Enchanted Woodland


1: writing captions and building  sentences; instructions for looking after a tiger based on The Tiger Who Came To Tea;  story based on Augustus and His Smile

2:  Super Duper You: non-chronological report about themselves; Traditional story: The Three Billy Goats Gruff; nursery rhymes and rhyming words

1: Story and letter based on Beegu; Here Come The Aliens: non-chronological report about an alien

2: Story based on Gigantasaurus; letter in response to Dinosaurs In My School; dinosaur poetry

1: Diary entry on an imaginary walk around London; setting descriptions for The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse; diary entry about the Great Fire Of London; poetry

2: Recount of visit to the woods; story based on Little Red Riding Hood


Place value within 10

Addition and subtraction within 10


Place value within 20

Addition and subtraction within 20

Place value within 50

Length and height

Weight and volume

Multiplication and division


Position and direction

Place value within 100




1: Animals, including humans; working scientifically

2: Animals, including humans; working scientifically

1:  The Solar System; properties of everyday materials; working scientifically

2: Animals, including humans; working scientifically

1: Seasonal changes

2: Plants and animals, identifying and classifying plants, animals; working scientifically


1: Exploring Purple Mash

2: Creating media - digital writing

1: Creating media - digital painting

2: Programming - moving a robot

1: Coding

2: Data and information - grouping data



1: Using and making maps; Describing physical features; Locating continents and oceans

1:  Physical features of the UK;  aerial images

2: Satellite images; continents and oceans

1: Countries and capital cities of the UK; landmarks;  locational language; maps; compass directions; geographical similarities

2: Making maps; human and physical features



2: Changes within living memory; ordering events


1: Astronauts including Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin, Tim Peake

2: Events beyond living memory, Mary Anning


1: Monarchy; Significant event – Great Fire of London



1. Being Me In My World

2. Celebrating Difference

1. Dreams and Goals

2. Healthy Me

1. Relationships

2. Changing Me


1: Line drawing; animal patterns; collage; Edward Tinga Tinga 

2:  Painting : different techniques e.g dripping, splattering

1. Painting: brush techniques and colour mixing; models of the Solar System

2: 3D dinosaur eggs (modroc)

1: Observational drawing; Collage

2: Wax resist pictures; clay boggarts; sculpture with natural materials; Andy Goldsworthy


1: Designing labels; Designing and making animal enclosures; evaluation

2: Designing and making a memory box

1: Explore and evaluate moving toys; design and make space buggies using wheels and axels

2: Designing, making and evaluating dinosaur junk models


1: Designing, making and evaluating models of Tudor houses

2: Healthy food

Indoor PE





Team building games

Invasion games

Net/wall games

Invasion games


Striking & fielding

Music (Charanga)

1. Hey You!

2. Rhythm In The Way We Walk and Banana Rap

1: In The Groove

2: Round And Round

1: Your Imagination

2: Reflect, Rewind and Replay


Who is Jesus?

Why did Jesus tell parables?

What does the Christmas story tell Christians about Jesus?

Why do Jewish families celebrate Shabbatt?

What do Christians believe God is like?

What do eggs have to do with Easter?

Who is Allah and how do Muslims worship him?

Why should we look after our world?

Is the world a fair place?