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William Cobbett Primary School

Ardres Adventure

On the 7th June 44 children and 6 adults set off on an adventure to Ardres in France. Ardres being a small French town about 8 miles south of Calais.

The group stayed on a campsite run by Acorn Adventure.

Everyone stayed in tents and even had to help with the washing up!

Despite the weather being wet everybody had a great time. Some of the activities that the children and some of the adults took part in were sailing, kayaking, raft building, high ropes and archery.

In addition to these exciting activities the group went to Ypres, in Belgium, to visit the First World War Museum and the cemetery at Tyne Cot. Whilist there they visited a chocolate shop and left with bags of Belgium chocolate!

On the Thurday the group went into Ardres and visited the local market. The children had to use French to ask for things and this is where any remaining money was spent.

Finally on the Friday they all headed home.

It was a great trip and will be run next year for the present Year 5s.